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How much do postage cost?

Shipping costs depend on the weight and size of the items. In the case of bicycles, prices are 30€ for Portugal (except islands).
In order to know exactly the shipping cost, we suggest to you make a purchase simulation with the shipping method of your preference.

Do you send bicycles abroad?

We only ship complete bicycles to Portugal (except Islands). The cost of delivery for complete bicycles is 30€. They are shipped in a suitable box, pre-assembled in about 80%.

Can I return my order?

Yes of course! However, there are some exceptions and rules that you can consult here.

How to know when to send an order?

After confirming payment for an order, it is placed in the following states:
- Processing in progress - It means that it is being prepared for delivery.
- Shipped - It means that it was sent

After being placed in the "Shipped" or Sent state, our system sends an e-mail with the object number and link of the carrier to follow the shipment.

An order can also go through the intermediate states:
- On-Backorder (paid) - Means you are on hold because of a product out of stock, waiting for restock, or waiting for construction, such as wheels or bicycles;
- Under Construction - There are products in the order that are under construction, such as wheels or bicycles;
- Problem - A feedback to wait - There are some products with stock problems, the customer will be contacted in order to solve the problem.

Can I change the shipping address?

Once the order has been shipped, the only way to change it is by telephone to the carrier in question.
For example, to change an order sent through CTT Expresso, just call the number: 707 200 118, and through the object number ask for the change.

The object number of the order is sent by our system by e-mail, after processing and change of status to shipped ("shipped").

How long does it take to send an order?

The shipping time depends on the processing and shipping method selected. See more information here.


What is a FIXIE bike?

A fixie bike, also known as fixed gear, fixed wheel, etc ... is a bicycle whose rear sprocket is fixed the hub rotates the wheel both forward and backward.

It is a type of bike that offers greater control for those riding. You may, for example, pedaling backwards. Unlike the impeller, as is the case of the conventional bicycle, or the bicycle will move up according to the pedaling cycle is faster walk faster and vice versa. The speed and braking are controlled exclusively by the legs.

What is the difference between a bicycle and FIXIE Single Speed?

A Fixie uses fixed pinion a Single Speed free pinion, both have only one speed.

Currently the Fixies use Flip-Flop hubs on the rear wheel, so you can install a pinion or a freewheel side of the cube. Thus the bicycle can also function as a Single Speed, there is no need always be pedaling to turn on the bike, even allowing a greater comfort for the rider.

short, one Fixie generally can also function as Single Speed a Single Speed typically uses a normal cube with pinion / freewheel, so you can not function as Fixie.

The sells only Fixies or Single Speeds?

No. The sells components, accessories and urban bikes for urban bikes Fixies and Single Speeds, Cruisers, Commuter, BMX, Classic, etc. ... The sells bicycles with a speed or multi-speed, either internal hub, automatic, semi-automatic or external using derailleurs.  

The always seeksoffer solutions based on individual customization, simplicity, quality and style in the current urban cycling. For pedaling is more than a means or transportation or sport, is a form and lifestyle!

What's cube with Flip-Flop?

A cube with Flip / Flop is a cube that allows to attach both a free and a fixed pinion on each side of the cube. Thus, it is very easy to change the rider bike setting between Fixie and Single speed, for example, to turn the wheel to the part of the free pinion to the side of the chain, turn the bike in a normal bike Single Speed.

The hub is against brake pedal?

A cube with pedal to brake allows you to lock the wheel pedaling backwards. Works by pressure, the more pressure you do behind more efficient braking.

How to know the length of the rays to mount a wheel?

There are several websites and apps for this purpose, a good example and easy to use, is the following site:

What do the acronyms OLD?

OLD the English Over-Lock-nut Distance is the distance between the outside of the hub bolts, that is, spaced required for mounting the hubthe frame between the dropouts.

Further details here: